Authorized Distributor
ABB UPS & PLP Accessories


1-Phase and 3-Phase UPS (uninterruptible Power Supply) Solution with online efficiency from ABB, ex-GE, and Tecned.


Rectifier & Charger series from 24Vdc to 220Vdc with up to 500A output in a single enclosure.


Experienced in working and providing various battery products from world-renowned manufacturers.

Automatic Transfer Switch

Product with superiority in design and reliability of operation with the most comprehensive warranty program.

Best Energy System is an authorized distributor of ABB (Ex-GE) UPS and PLP Accessories. Our company specializes in the electrical industry. Other than the UPS, we also provide other reliable and high-quality power products, such as:

Our variety of Accessories Products, like cable, fitting, surge protector, and lightning protection system are also available to meet the household and many electrical construction needs.

We have years of experience as an authorized distributor of General Electric UPS in Indonesia with a technical expert team specialized in GE & ABB UPS.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, hence we serve you with our highest commitment & integrity to help every aspect of the customer needs.

PLP Cushion Grip

Product Highlights

We also have ex- General Electric (GE) UPS Products

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