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UPS Products



Wide range UPS Products from single-phase UPS to three-phases UPS with the capacity varies from 1 kVA up to 5 MVA.


EX - General Electric

Ex- GE UPS Products with the variety of capacities to fulfill many critical needs across industries.

UPS Tecned


UPS Series available in single and three phases with ratings up to 100 kVA in a single enclosure.


Baterai Rocket


Rocket Indonesia VRLA Battery with the capacity of 7 - 200 Ah, with more than 90% efficiency.

Baterai Enersys Powersafe


The Enersys Powersafe SBS Batteries offer a reliable performance and robust design for many critical purposes

Baterai Gaz


Customers' first choice in Ni-Cd energy storage with undisputed quality and cost effective

Power Products

Inverter Tecned


Tecned Single-phase output Inverter series with the capacity of 5 - 100 kVA

Rectifier Tecned

Rectifier / Charger

Tecned Rectifier with transformer-based technology for its robustness & endurance.


Automatic Transfer Switch

ABB wide variations of ATS that are suitable for diverse industry applications.

Power Products

Other Power Products

We also provide many other reliable Power Products as ideal choices for your needs.

PLP Accessories

Aluminum Suspense Clamp

Aluminum Suspense Clamp

Intended for use on all aluminum-based conductors

Armor Grip Support

Armor Grip Support

Designed to reduce static and dynamic stress at the support point.

Armor Rod

Armor Rod

Designed to protect cable against bending, compression, abrasion, and flash-over.

Cushion Grip Suspension

Cushion Grip Suspension

Designed to reduce the static and dynamic stresses at the support point

Line Guard

Line Guard

Protectiion against abrasion and arc-over, and to provide limited repair.

Spacer Damper

Spacer Damper

Provides wind-induced motion control and endurance to important dynamic loads

Splice/Dead-end Shunt

Splice/Dead-end Shunt

Restore up to 100% electrical conductivity & a portion of the mechanical strength


Line Guard

Designed for applications on aluminum based high temperature conductors


We provide best quality technical services with our Engineering Experts to help you maintain reliability and life-cycle of your Uninterruptible Power Supply and other Electrical Products.


Our service team specializes in commissioning, preventive maintenance, spare part repairs, on-site manufactures, training, and technical support. Whenever you have any technical issue, our well-trained and experienced engineers are at your service 24 hours a day.

Engineering Service

Our works include, but are not limited to, maintaining cable Fault Locator, UPS, Charger, and Switch Mode Rectifier for Utility, Aviation, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Telecommunication, Offices, Banking, and other similar industries.



We maintain a large stock of UPS spare parts and batteries to ensure best after sales services to our valuable customers.